You’re being yourself.

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some pretty disney outfits

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Gordon Shedden puts a last corner move on Colin Turkington


"Benedict knows what he’s doing. He’s actually a very competent diver." - JJ Field - from Third Star, behind the scenes - WeAreColony

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I have finally updated my Fan-Fiction after two years of not writing a word.






Break a prop? Just put it back and walk away… ha ha!!

Emma’s reaction though 

Sometimes it freaks me out how much like their characters they are. Emma’s very concerned, Dan saves the day, Rupert laughs.

I’m never not reblogging this. They’re just so damn cute…

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How To Start Off A World Cup Badly a story by Spain

How To Start Off A World Cup Perfectly a story by Germany

How To Start Off A World Cup Shocking The Entire World a story by the Netherlands.

How To Start Off A World Cup Exactly How Everyone Thought You Would a story by England

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new tab for high res.

Benedict Cumberbatch arrives on the set of Black Mass in Boston, Massachusetts on June 17, 2014.

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matt smith reading his last lines as the doctor for the first time.

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I am a ridiculous man.

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If he was being honest, Sherlock Holmes had never planned for a happy life. He’s never planned for an unhappy one either, but he simply knew not expect much more than a mild and brief sense of satisfaction in his days.
And yet here he was, a career, a wife he frankly adored, friends he loved and that loved him back.
Sherlock Holmes was blissfully, terrifyingly happy.
He couldn’t be more out of his depth if he tried.
Thankfully, Molly seemed to sense this, knowing when just a touch would be needed, a soft word, or an interesting puzzle to keep him occupied. She’d brought a long needed balance to his life, and he would be forever grateful for that.
Enjoy some spoiler!free Sherlolly. 

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