I am a ridiculous man.

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If he was being honest, Sherlock Holmes had never planned for a happy life. He’s never planned for an unhappy one either, but he simply knew not expect much more than a mild and brief sense of satisfaction in his days.
And yet here he was, a career, a wife he frankly adored, friends he loved and that loved him back.
Sherlock Holmes was blissfully, terrifyingly happy.
He couldn’t be more out of his depth if he tried.
Thankfully, Molly seemed to sense this, knowing when just a touch would be needed, a soft word, or an interesting puzzle to keep him occupied. She’d brought a long needed balance to his life, and he would be forever grateful for that.
Enjoy some spoiler!free Sherlolly. 

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Alright dearest sherlock fandom, you know the drill, vatican cameos


Good luck my friends


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Just the bride and groom, please.

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how are there people who do not think this man is gorgeous.



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50th anniversary + Modern Doctor Who parallels and references. 

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when rose says

the sound of the tardis is hope to millions 

i just want to thank moffat for putting that in 

because it is so true

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For every Whovian & Sherlockian

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the whole time I thought that he was talking about the master buT HE WAS REALLY TALKING ABOUT GALLIFREY HIDDEN IN A POCKET OF THE UNIVERSE

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"And just what the hell am I supposed to do with these?"

"I requested minions of darkness, and you gave my fluffy jellybeans."

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